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Members Code of Conduct

Members of the CYPA must agree, sign and adhere to the following code of conduct that is to be observed and upheld at all times while engaged as a chaperone or tutor.

1. The CYPA does not propose to define ethical codes or declare ethics beyond the normal and reasonable ethics of good and fair business practices and the reasonable expectation of “behaviour as benefits a CYPA Member”. The CYPA does not wish to make declarations on how an individual conducts their business other than where it reflects poorly on the chaperone and tutor community and the CYPA as a whole. However, the CYPA does expect professionalism amongst its members.

2. Chaperones have a responsibility to safeguard, support and promote the wellbeing of the children in their care. It is therefore vital for the chaperone to: 

  - Always prioritise the safety and wellbeing of the child/young person.

  - Treat children/young persons fairly and without prejudice or discrimination. 

  - Never lose sight of the fact you are with children.

  - Use appropriate language at all times

  - Listen to and respect children/ young people at all times, treat fairly, without prejudice or discrimination, do not patronise and avoid favouritism.

  - Report any incidence of abuse of any kind from anyone towards the child/ young person to the named

Production Child Protection Officer.

  - Avoid sharing personal details with child/ young person unless essential, never ‘ friend,' ‘ follow' or accept a friend invitation from a child you are working with on social media.

  - Always endeavour to work in a positive manner towards everyone involved in the Production.

  - Work positively to resolve issues or problems on site.

3. Act in an appropriate manner whilst around children. 

  - Dress appropriately. 

  - Never leave a child unattended. 

  - Do not display any foul language. 

  - Never smoke anywhere around children.

  - Must be free of all alcohol during and immediately prior to engaging as a chaperone. 


​4. We promise to support equal employment opportunities for children regardless of race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or national origin. 


5. The CYPA should reflect the highest professionalism within the industry.

6. Members should be aware of and keep up to date of changes to employment law, Working time regulations and Children and young persons regulations made as it pertains to young performers in entertainment.


7. Maintain practised relations with actors, agents, creatives, audition venues and employees, and treat them with respect and consideration at all times.

8. Members will adhere to the Code of Conduct as listed and not bring the CYPA into disrepute by their professional actions that may contradict the Code of Conduct.

9. Members are to adhere to all GDPR legislation. This includes but is not limited to:

   - All personal information obtained from a production company.

   - Contact details of any production company a member may receive. Production contact details are not to be posted on social media or passed between CYPA members or passed onto non-members without prior written consent from the production company.

   - Keeping confidential all communications between a CYPA member and a production company. Any names are not to be posted on social media.

   - Keeping confidential all direct or indirect communications between CYPA members within the association, such as the contents of the CYPA WhatsApp group or anything else shared with members. 

Any breach of the above code of conduct may result in the member's temporary or permanent suspension from the CYPA.

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