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The Association

The Chaperones Young Performers Association (known as CYPA) is a professional body for chaperones and tutors working in the entertainment industry. The core of our efforts is to safeguard the children and young people whilst ensuring those who employ them fulfil their responsibilities, are informed and compliant.

The CYPA endeavours to develop the creation and implementation of a common framework of industry wide best practice for working with children and safeguarding in the entertainment industry. The CYPA believes that these best practices are paramount to the protection of children and young people working in the industry (0-18).

By creating industry wide standards for working with children and by engaging with all key partners to support them in embedding these, the CYPA can provide advice and support to chaperones, tutors and productions to ensure children work in a safe environment and develop consistent working practices.



Chair - Aaron Blackmon 

Deputy Chair - Natalie Barron 

Secretary - Lucy Jones 

Treasurer - Natalie Johnson-Rolley 

PR/Social Media - Louise Groves

Committee Member - Karen Barber


  •  to create industry wide standards for working with children (similar to the concept of the Albert sustainable certificate) 


  • develop a recognised accreditation for professional chaperones 


  • to offer a national voice for people working in the entertainment industry who employ or work alongside children and young people.  


  • drive collaboration throughout the entertainment industry by bringing together all parties involved in the employment of children and young people. 


  • to safeguard children and young workers  


  • to support media and production companies in safeguarding children and young people by providing advice and support.  


  •  to develop dialogue with relevant government departments with regard to all issues affecting child employment in entertainment.  


  •  to provide safeguarding expertise to organisations employing and working with children and young people 


  • to undertake national campaigns in order  to raise the profile of children working in entertainment.  


  • to facilitate communication between organisations involved in the employment of children and young people working in entertainment. 


  • to promote consistency of practice nationally within Local Authorities.  


  • to actively support best practice by the dissemination of resource material and the sharing of good practice. 


  • to develop the future of the CYPA in order to co-ordinate policy, research and planning in the National and European arenas.  

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Join the CYPA to add your voice to your industry professional body.

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